Abraham Bebarce Elder


  • Administration: Proven success in designing and implementing improved processes, topologies for network infrastructure and end node layout. Professional quality network documentation allowing immediate access to key information and a drive for a Zero Downtime environments.
  • Team Management: Supervised technicians in projects and daily task requirements. Trained and mentored multiple technicians for advancement into graduated positions.
  • Communication and Organization: Organized, take-charge professional with exceptional follow-through abilities and detail orientation, able to plan and oversee multiple projects from inception to successful conclusion. Experienced in establishing and enhancing relationships with different organizations, departments, and team members.
  • Key Strengths: Analytical problem solver; experience in designing, implementing, and managing network solutions. Extensive qualifications in applying analytical techniques to assist management in making better decisions and solve complex educational problems. Genuine commitment to quality and administrative satisfaction.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration
Concentration in Management Information Systems


Executive level decision maker driving a positive influence in academic culture that sees technology as the end asset, but as a tool to engage, impact and elevate the educational experience across the board.

Chief Technology Officer

  • Revamped a 1 to 1 initiative creating functional maintenance and unique methodology that put students first. Created a “Chromebooks as Consumables” philosophy that revitalizes stakeholders, while simultaneously reducing overhead and normalizing management.
  • Coordinated with other directors to develop new and at times radical ideas in the education of technology and the use of technology in education including student lead learning, gamification, and SAMR
  • Increased technology availability, while streamlining spending all with a reduced workforce at the outset. Improved employee morale and impact.
  • Spearheaded the development and push toward Future Ready status not as a notch in the district’s belt, but as a methodical reflection on practices.
  • Guided technology through Pandemic to ensure student and faculty had continual access and support to technology and the internet for remote learning.
  • Continually improved network conditions, achieving reduced downtimes, standardized yet personalized environments, increased support coverage, uninterrupted testing, and invigorated stakeholder investment, while reducing the technology income gap.

Head of technology and data management for a large school district

Supervisor of Technology

  • Converted turn around processing of technology from a 1 school per year model with a 1-to-1 replacement model to a 2 school per year (effectively doubling the rate of transition) tailored approach that increased the functionality, uniformity, and dependability of the school district’s technology, as well as putting us in line with state standards.
  • Investigated, promoted, and followed through on several technological initiatives across a school district that includes six elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school with a student population of approximately 3700, and a staff count of approximately 750
  • Lead team of 4 technicians, and network administrators as well as 2 data specialists
  • Created district website with full-featured collaborative capabilities, and integration with several social media outlets.
  • Assumed the district at the cusp of integrating a new student information system, cleaning out flawed data transmissions, and standardizing processes ensuring error-free state submissions and high integrity data flows
  • Instituted a conversion of Fleet transportation software managing 72 buses and approximately 300 routes
  • Generated a 3-year technology plan revitalizing our practices of technology communication, as well as initiating a new Technology committee that encompasses not only board members, but the staff, administration, and members of the community.
  • Elected to the Evaluation Committee for the NJ Digital Readiness for Learning and Assessment Program
  • Instituted sweeping changes to our licensing structures to allow for Centralized App Purchasing, Management, Office, and Antivirus
  • Provided extensive support in Master Scheduling for every school in the district, including the codifying of course number scheme.
  • Established infrastructure trends and policy verbiage for future BYOD initiatives
  • Moved district to centralized purchasing and generated a more uniform school environment
  • Successfully managed PARCC field test and currently managing PARCC infrastructure for 8 simultaneously testing schools
  • Created new system for classroom-based interactive display solutions that created increased mobility and effectiveness while reducing the cost per classroom from $3500 to $800 in comparable technology
  • Evaluated Dark Fiber connectivity options
  • Assessed and development new wireless infrastructure plans that included bidding, eRate, and a scalable infrastructure, moving the environment from hallway based N level devices that cover 1-4 classrooms to one AC level Access Point per class and brought the project to successful closure.
  • Successfully transitioned environment from the utilization of Novell GroupWise to a Google Apps for Education environment. This included training, implementation, installation, and management, as well as the inclusion of new hardware technologies to support it.
  • Developed 1-to-1 technology plan for staff and students over multi-year deployment
  • Negotiated savings from DRLAP initiative with our existing vendor into a fully supported dual homed redundant data line and BYOD circuit at 300mb (an addition to the 1Gb circuit which was brought up from 150mb in 2012)

NJSTS – Haledon, NJ 2008 to 2012
Promoted through a series of increasingly responsible positions in a developing technical services program

Technology Coordinator

  • Lead teams of technicians on projects including wiring, network migrations, and deployment, as well as day to day task management in multiple school districts
  • Completely revamped Network infrastructure providing more stability, speed, and accountability
  • Standardized computing environment allowing for near zero downtime for PC repair, while creating an organized technological life cycle.
  • Implemented new Student Information Systems (Real Time) to multiple school districts of varying needs, leading each district from migration to actualization.
  • Redesigned the core infrastructure of a school’s organizational layout, from renumbering rooms, to intercom functionality, grade level placement, and documentation
  • Ensured the environment of the school met all necessary criteria in order to successfully pass a QSAC audit
  • Reduced the impact of catastrophic server room failure, by implementing APC Symmetra technologies, and provisioning proper climate controls, organizational restructuring, and increased remote access
  • Created the Mass Schedule in two separate systems, resolving many problems and creating Common Articulation amongst peer teachers

OHAUS – Pinebrook, NJ 2006 to 2008
Network Administrator for a multinational company

Network Administrator

  • Ensured the stability and maintenance of all server room equipment
  • Provided front line support to all users both locally and globally
  • Organized all facets of the technical network to increase transparency and maintained all prescribed requirements of a corporation adhering to Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Spearheaded the technical facets of converting our ERP software of Fourth Shift from a Titanium based database to SQL working directly with our lead programmer
  • Laid the groundwork for incoming administrator to virtualize the server infrastructure

NJSTS – Haledon, NJ 2002 to 2006
Promoted through a series of increasingly responsible positions in a developing technical services program

Network Administrator and Web Designer

  • Met with potential clients for website negotiation and later for committee based structural design meetings
  • Managed site technicians in their day to day activities
  • Created detailed network documentation encompassing Rack Diagrams, Computer Layout, Printer and Ink Inventory, Full Inventories, Patch Panel Diagrams, User Statistics, Program Installations, etc.
  • Planned and Taught Instructional Classes for teachers and administrators in different technical courses
  • Implemented a new Student Information System and maintained support on server and client ends
  • Provided frontline support for all teachers and administrators with daily tasks including
    • Quotation, Ordering, and Advancing Current Network and Security systems
    • Training and One On One tutoring
    • Server and Database Maintenance
  • Designed and/or maintained multiple websites for several school districts and municipalities

BRADLEY PHARMACEUTICALS – Fairfield, NJ 2000 to 2002

Network Technician

  • Designed and implemented web pages for Bradley Pharmaceuticals, and HRA Research
  • Provided front line user support for approximately 120 employees over multiple OS platforms.
  • Assisted in Windows 2000 based network server maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Designed and implemented networking media layouts
  • Set up presentations for all hierarchical levels of company associates, as well as training in the Microsoft Office Suite, and Act Database.


Windows Server NT – 2008 including AD Adobe Suite including discontinued systems
All Windows Operating Systems Hardware Repair, Setup, and Upgrade
Microsoft Office Suite and other desktop publishing Data Cabling and Termination (All media)
Prior Apple Desktop Certification Website Design and Coding using multiple technologies
Prior CCNA Teachers Certification CCTV and Camera Network Setup
Prior Dell Desktops and Portables Certifications Multiple Network Application Softwares